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A-List Points and Benefits

A-List Points and Benefits

Gaining discounts from purchases? Is that even possible?! Yes, yes it is!


By signing up and becoming a A-Lister you will be able to claim points on each purchase you make, with these points you will be able to transfer them into some mega discounts for your future orders!


For every €1 you spend on products, you will gain 3 points... but hold on, that is not the only way you can gain points:


  • Write a product review – 20 points
  • Follow on Instagram – 100 points
  • Like on Facebook – 100 points
  • Share on Facebook – 100 points
  • Signup – 200 points
  • Celebrate a birthday – 250 points


As you can see, buy just signing up and following our social media you can gain 500 points from the get go!


Now I know by this time you are wondering “what amazing discounts does A-List offer?”. Well let me tell you, you won’t be disappointed: 


  • 500 points - £5 off discount
  • 900 points - £10 off discount
  • 1200 points - £15 off discount
  • 1500 points - £20 off discount


Your points will not expire and you will be able to claim these discounts as soon as you hit the point mark!


To gain your points and to make sure they are being credited to your account, you will need to make sure that you are logged in before you make your purchase. On the bottom left corner of the site, you will see this logo:


Once you click into this you will see the following:


Once you see this screen you can either create your account and come here:


Or you can sign in and you will see this screen:


Make you sign up and start collecting points today! Remember people, points mean prizes!


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us


Have a wonderful rest of your day,

Team A-List