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About us

We could have been a company like every other supplement store in the UK, buy in high margin products from suppliers that already distribute here, supplying the public with more of what they already have.
Instead I wanted to educate the UK supplement industry on the best brands in the world, products that have had no stone unturned, products that are fully clinically dosed, premium mix-ability, taste and provide outstanding results.
Why? Because I’m tired of proprietary blends that sprinkle the main ingredients into each product, I’m tired of bad tasting, poor mixing products and most of all I’m tired of seeing UK consumers waste their money on inferior brands.
It makes no sense to me from a business or ethical point of view to sell products that I know are inferior compared to others on the market.
So the mission statement for us as a company is to acquire the best brands from across the globe, the quality of the product will always be superior to us than profit margins. Giving you the reassurance that when you buy from us, you won’t be disappointed, we will only stock the best.
– James Dodds, Managing Director, A-List Nutrition Ltd.