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Black Friday Product Launch Details & Review!

Black Friday Product Launch Details & Review!

Black Friday Product Launch REVIEW


This year for Black Friday which is now only DAYS away, see below all the new products drops that will be launching 24.11.22 at midnight:

  • BPN Whey Protein Strawberry
  • BPN Whey Protein Pumpkin Spice Latte
  • BPN Electrolyte Strawberry
  • BPN Peak Sleep Orange Dreamsicle
  • BPN Apparel (3 Different T-shirts)

We have been lucky enough to try these before the big launch and below we will outline our thoughts on the products and everything you need to know before you buy them! These products will go fast on Black Friday so we’re wanting to give you all the information you need to make the best decision for your supplement arsenal and consequentially your goals.


BPN Whey Protein – Strawberry

One of the most highly anticipated flavours to hit the BPN Whey Protein roster, a classic strawberry milkshake flavour, for as long as we have partnered with BPN the question has been asked “When will BPN release a strawberry whey?!” well it’s finally here! 

We have to be honest, initially we weren’t overly excited, after all a strawberry flavour isn’t the most exciting flavour in the world but on the other hand it is a timeless classic that if done well can easily become a staple in your whey protein rotation…..WOW is all we can say, this is not a boring, artificial tasting strawberry flavour that is typically experienced in whey protein. This is a creamy, delicious strawberry milkshake that we can imagine would go insanely well in some Greek Yogurt (one of our favourites here at HQ).


If you are a fan of strawberry protein, this BPN Strawberry flavour WILL blow you away, click here to notified when it launches: 

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BPN Whey Protein – Pumpkin Spice Latte 

The classic winter favourite, Pumpkin Spice Latte, this year BPN joined the hype a created their own limited edition version of the this fan favourite BUT does it live up to the hype? Again, full disclosure, non of us here at HQ are Pumpkin Spice lovers however we did go and get ourselves a pumpkin spice latte coffee just to see if BPN have nailed it or not….

SPOT ON. They have nailed this, we often get worried when a company does a Pumpkin Spice Latte flavour as it typically just turns into a cinnamon if they have done it poorly, NOT this time. BPN have nailed that pumpkin flavour, with a little bit of spice to give it that classic taste you’ve come to expect. Very impressive indeed. 

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BPN PEAK SLEEP – Orange Dreamsicle 

This one is pretty straight forward for us, incredibly good.

Peak Sleep in itself is quite a hard product to flavour well due to the active ingredients that are in it, however BPN have always nailed it and if you have tried any of their other flavours of PEAK SLEEP you will know what we mean. Orange dreamsicle is no different, very good orange flavour with a creamy finish representing a true orange dreamsicle from the USA, well done BPN. 

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Much like the whey protein, very good strawberry flavour, obviously there is a fair amount of salt that goes into the flavour due to the active ingredients however it really isn’t unpleasant and actually tastes very nice, we can imagine that it would go REALLY well with BPN Go One More Fruit Punch flavour! Very nice, if you like your BPN Electrolytes  you have to give this one a go!

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If you made it all the way to the end of this product review blog we really appreciate it, we do recommend you sign up for the products that you are hoping to buy as they WILL sell out extremely fast, some items like the apparel and pumpkin spice latte protein are LIMITED EDITION and won’t be coming back after Black Friday so make sure you are ready.

Thanks again for reading and we’ll see on BLACK FRIDAY 24.11.22 at midnight…..