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Creatine… A gateway to GAINS!

Creatine… A gateway to GAINS!

We have all heard of Creatine, it has been on the tip of everyone’s tongues when starting the gym or talking with someone who is already an active gym-goer. But what exactly is it and why would if benefit me? Well, we are here to help you understand that!


Creatine is probably one of the most well-researched and used supplement in the industry. Not only is it a supplement but it is also a natural substance which is found in our body, up to 95% of it is stored in our skeletal muscle and is used during physical activity. Not only is this found in your body but this amino acid isn’t actually used to make protein and is found 100% naturally in food like beef, pork and fish.


*FUN FACT* Creatine was founded Michel Eugène Chevreul who named it after the Greek word for meat!


No matter the activity and no matter the level, everyone can take creatine. By supplementing creatine, you can quickly replenish the stores which are depleted when undergoing physical activity, this will also help improve strength and power output during your resistance training over time.


If you are someone who is transitioning from let’s say bodybuilding to becoming a hybrid athlete where you will be adding in more cardio to your weekly routine. You can implement creatine into your day-to-day regime to help retain the already built muscle, you wouldn’t want to lose everything you worked for!


Now you are probably thinking, how and when do I use creatine. Research shows that you may see better results taking creatine shortly before or after you work out, this can be with your pre-workout (check your pre-workout panels as some already contain creatine) or after with your post-workout shake. On rest days timing isn’t as important, but taking it with food can be beneficial in digestion. Just 5g a day and you are set, if you are at a higher weight you may want to think about taking slightly more, but this is down to your on digression.


When it comes to Creatine, you may have been told to ‘creatine load’. This means that you take 20g of creatine daily for 5-7 days, people may do this so that they can potentially increase the muscles stores and then decrease the dosage down to the standard 5g daily. Now this is not necessary and something that you need to do, you will still be able to get all the great benefits and increase your muscles stores taking the supplement daily at 5g.


At A-List we have multiple products which contain creatine which you can start using TODAY to start your journey:



As you can see, we care about you and we want you to only have the best of the best and we believe these products are! But don’t just take out word for it, try them yourselves! Creatine, although is very common, it's often taken wrong, it's very important for you to ensure you take creatine EVERYDAY, due to it building up in your body on a saturation basis. This essentially means the more consistently you take creatine, the quicker you will reach saturation and the faster creatine can maximize your performance. 


Hopefully this blog has answered any questions you may have, but if you have more, please feel free to leave a comment or email us


Have a great day!


Team A-List